full moon may 26

I want to start with how special this full moon in Sagittarius is. This month there will be a full moon in the sky on May 26, 2021, but it is not an ordinary full moon, it is a blood moon. In addition, a total lunar eclipse can be seen in parts of the world. What can you expect this month around the full moon of May 26?

This month, the full moon is in the constellation of Sagittarius, and just like last month, we are dealing with a super moon. The supermoon makes that the energy can be felt earlier and longer. People with the zodiac sign of Sagittarius are known for their adventurousness. They are inspiring people with great enthusiasm. It is the people who often go through with their ideas and only then realize what they are doing. With this full moon, you can feel a lot of inspiration and the urge to experience adventures. Maybe you will finally book that dream vacation or take on a new challenge.

Full moon May 26

The full moon of May 26, 2021 will be in the constellation of Sagittarius; an adventurous and optimistic zodiac sign. Sagittarius is always looking for adventures and likes to travel, they also like to broaden their horizons by studying and seeking depth with others. This full moon you can feel the adventurousness and want to take big steps. Pay attention, because Sagittarius likes to throw himself in the deep and only think about what he actually did.

Sun in Gemini

Opposite the full moon, this month the sun is in the constellation of Gemini; a constellation known for planning and studying new things before taking any steps. A constellation that is directly opposite of Sagittarius and which can cause conflicts between the properties of the two constellations. Gemini is a light-hearted zodiac sign and is eager to learn and curious. Gemini does get bored quickly and therefore finishes something less quickly.

Total eclipse – Supermoon

As I started this blog, this moon is extra special. In certain parts of the world you can see a total lunar eclipse, but unfortunately we have to miss it in the Netherlands. The lunar eclipse can make your emotions feel even more intense. Are you lucky enough to see the lunar eclipse? Don’t hesitate and share your photos and experiences here in the comments!

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