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Everyone is sometimes less comfortable in their own skin and children can also have a bad day. They often feel a little better the next day, but sometimes sadness, fear, or anger lingers for a longer period of time and affects the child daily. As a parent/caregiver, you may be very concerned about the child and want to help. Have you considered stepping towards a child coach? A child coach can help with various care needs and restore peace to the family. Here you can read how a child coach works and how it can help you and your child.

What does a child coach do?

In addition to coaching young children, the child coach is also available for teenagers and their parents. A child coach is put to work if there is a specific care question about a child. The care demand can come from the parents, but also from the teacher and other caregivers. Child coaching is an accessible, practical, and short-term form of help for concerns in the field of behavior and emotions. During the sessions, the focus is on the positive, and the cause of the problem is looked at. The coaching is done through fun games, creative exercises, (specifically for coaching at Het Vrije Vosje) children’s massage, and coaching conversations. The parents/guardians are also closely involved in the coaching because a child cannot do it alone. A child coach can help by making the child feel more comfortable and giving them more self-confidence.

You step towards a child coach if…

…you get something back from the child’s teacher about the behavior in the classroom, which you do not recognize at all at home. Or if you see that your child is not feeling well or that the behavior is worrying. A care request is often about the upbringing, behavior, or development of your child and you would like to know what you can do yourself, but also offer the child the help he can get. The questions about behavior that a child coach can help with are very broad. Below are a few examples of questions that a child coach can help with:

  • Insecurity and self-confidence
  • Fears (of failure)
  • Worrying and negative thoughts
  • Concentration, learning difficulties
  • High sensitivity
  • Sleep problems
  • Anger and frustration
  • Divorce and loss
  • Bullying or being bullied
  • Voltage
  • Social skills
  • Family expansion

You DON’T step towards a child coach if…

… you are looking for a diagnosis, intelligence test, or other similar researches. A child coach does not provide therapy but can help with questions that fit within the ‘normal’ development of a child. During an intake with a child coach, the question will be discussed in detail and it will be determined whether the child coach can help. If the care demand is too complex, the child coach may refer you to a child psychologist or remedial educationalist. A doctor can also advise you on this.

What does a child coach session at Het Vrije Vosje look like?

When a child enters the practice, they always drink a nice cup of tea and eat a biscuit. After this, we will work on the goals we have set for the child by means of body-oriented exercises, creative methods, games, and materials. Children can be given small exercises to take home so that they can keep practicing. The parent(s) are also invited for a coaching session because they also deserve support. There is always a final meeting to see whether the goals have been achieved

I’m stepping towards a child coach now!

Are you convinced that a child coach can help you and your child? There is currently no waiting list at Het Vrije Vosje and there is a nice offer for new customers! Are you curious? Register your child and after a telephone intake interview, Het Vrije Vosje will go to work with your child!

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